Classes offered

Yin and Vinyasa Yoga: MetroRock in Littleton, MA. As all nonessential businesses are shut down, so too are my classes at this facility.

Via Zoom: I never thought I’d get into online teaching but here we are! The CoVid19 Pandemic has offered us all an opportunity to adapt and I accept. Email me at to get on my mailing list- I email my students the link to class the night before.

Classes offered for privates:

Yin Yoga: Yin is a series of poses, each held for about 3-5 minutes. We work on lengthening and strengthening the connective tissues through the use of props to provide mobility, flexibility and to clear out stuck energy. Great for all levels and beginners.

Art of Yoga: This one is for you, beginners! This gentle session is completely customizable, for those who’ve never done yoga before to those who have done it at home but never with an instructor. Full of instructions, I will guide you through the basics of pranayama, meditation and a gentle series of poses, beginning with the basics. This is for beginners only and is available for a workshop. (Email for workshop pricing.)

Slow Flow: This slow sequence will focus on your breathing and on moving mindfully through a sequence designed to leave you feeling relaxed and happy. Great for all levels, including beginners.

Vinyasa: This alignment based series is a great way to connect breath with mind as you match your breath with movement through Sun Salutations and a series of standing and floor poses (and maybe even an arm balance.) Postures will be held for a full breath or more once we’ve warmed up to allow for exploration of the posture. This could be anything from really noticing how it feels to be in the pose to modifying it to your needs. We will also focus on how it feels moving into and out of poses. Some experience required.

Hike to Yoga: Same class as offered below in the group section only for you or you and a friend. No experience necessary.

For groups:

Family Flow: Bring your whole family to this one! This is a looser structure built around kids and family bonding. We’ll play games (including Yogi Says), do some partner yoga and practice a little bit of meditation. Be prepared to laugh and have a whole lot of fun while getting some movement in. No mats needed but are welcome if you have them. No experience necessary. Kids of all ages welcome.

Hike to Yoga: Designed for those looking to explore both the woods and their practice, this yoga session is reached by hike only. We’ll explore various areas mostly in the metrowest area, stopping midway through the hike to lay down our mats and practice a gentle sequence for 60 minutes. After we practice there will be a break for lunch and then we will resume our hike. All levels welcome unless otherwise noted.